Why you’re never too old for adult piano lessons

smiling adult photo
Photo by LyndaSanchez

So, you’ve always wanted to learn a musical instrument but didn’t get the chance, or maybe you took

lessons as a child and regret not keeping them up. For many aspiring musicians, the question, “am I too old?” is a real concern. The answer to this question is simple: You’re never too old for piano lessons for adults. Learning an instrument at a young age comes with many perks, but starting music lessons – including piano – at any age carries a multitude of benefits.

Piano is the perfect instrument for beginners.

Some instruments, such as the violin, won’t sound good until you master specific skills. This is not true
with the piano. By the time you’re playing your fourth or fifth piece, you can create sounds that please
the ear. With a little practice, you can feel good about the music you create, which provides motivation
to keep learning.

Learning to play the piano is food for your brain.

Besides the obvious benefit of expanding your musical palette, piano lessons are known to increase
coordination and hearing awareness. As with any instrument, the piano requires independent hand
coordination – a simple way to keep your mind sharp. This means your fingers and hands perform tasks independent of each other, engaging areas of your brain you normally would not.

You will discover a new appreciation of music.

Learning your favorite tunes – whether they’re Mozart or Adele – is fun and rewarding, but discovering
new composers is one of the unexpected perks of learning the piano. Whether you’re unfamiliar with
Bach and Beethoven or already love classical music, learning to play their work will deepen your
appreciation for it. Additionally, you may find a new admiration for composers you previously didn’t
enjoy. Either way, understanding the music you hear and play will increase your awareness of it.

Tips for Beginning Pianists

  • You won’t learn to play Beethoven overnight, and that’s okay. Focus on the learning process, not
          the result.
  • How much time will you devote to practice? Set goals for yourself and stick to them; your
          practice will pay off!
  • Don’t rush yourself. Work with your teacher to develop efficient practice techniques. That way,
          you won’t have to unlearn your mistakes.
  • Have fun. Learning the piano comes with a myriad of benefits, fun being one of the biggest ones.
           Practice should be pleasant and productive.
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