Why you’re never too old to start piano lessons

Constantly I come across adults who confess how much they wish they had taken piano as a child or had never quit when they did. My suggestion of course is to start piano lessons immediately. You are really never too old to begin taking piano lessons and here are a few reasons why.

Its good for your brain

Piano lessons are so good for your brain and studies show they can help to slow the aging process as as well. Playing music is one of the few activities that incorporate both the left and right brain at the same time making it incredibly good for your thinking process. This can be especially helpful for adults who dont have the discipline of school or study to keep their brains improving.adult piano lessons

Its about the journey not the destination

Too many students focus in the ultimate goal while ignoring the small triumphs they can achieve on the way. Progress is fun to see and experience. Adult students will have a much easier if they think about small goal and the joy of learning instead of the final destination.

You learn faster as an adult

Adults have the benefit or maturity and a developed learning process that can allow them to progress at a much quicker pace than children.

You are much more focused as an adult

Adults are usually much more dedicated to learning and more focused during piano lessons than children. This can make learning much easier and more fun as an adult.

Practice can come much easier for an adult

adults have more self discipline and often a better grasp on their schedules. Practice can be easier for adults as they know better how to find time in their schedules. This is especially true if you are retired or arent working as much as you used to.


Piano lessons are great for any age but can be exceedingly beneficial for adults. If you are unsure about starting lessons just schedule a trial lesson and see how it goes. The first lesson is the scariest but usually afterward you will realize that learning piano is absolutely possible.