Where to buy a piano in Santa Clarita

I am often asked by my students where they should go to get a piano.  Buying a new instrument can be very intimidating for anyone who does not know what to look for.  Most people in the market for pianos are parents who know nothing about painos shopping for thier children to get an instrument they can practice on.  Its like going to buy a car when you have never driven one or been inside of one you would have no idea what to look for.  Unfortunately there is a very limited amount of places in Santa Clarita who you can actually buy from.

If you are willing to drive out of the valley you will find some good options in the surrounding cities.  Many piano stores have excellent sales and will have salepeople who are well informed and can help you choose the best option for you.  However this could be very time consuming and you will have to deal with moving it from further away.

If you are feeling a bit adventurous you can always try and buy something directly from an private seller.  There are a lot of people selling pianos all over craigslist, the pennysaver, and other similar online resources. The upside of this is that often people selling the pianos do not know their actually worth and are desperate to get rid of the piano so they can have some extra space.  You can get a fantastic deal this way. On the down side if you know nothing about pianos and the seller knows nothing about pianos you could have some serious problems trying to get the right instrument for you needs.

My best suggestion would be to go to keyboard galleria. It is the only store in the valley that I know of where you can actually go buy a piano. I bought one of my pianos from them and I found the staff to be extremely helpful and I know I got a great deal.  If you tell them you need help because you do not know what to look for they will walk you through the process and spent the time necessary to make sure you get exactly what you need.  They will often move it for and even get it tuned(you need to tune a piano after a move).  I would highly recommend them and the only downside is that there selection is limited to the amount of pianos they can fit in their store.


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