Voice lessons and what to drink

voice lessons photoFood and drink may not seem to go well with voice lessons but what you put into your body has a significant impact on how well you can sing. What you eat or drink can affect you a lot so it is important to know  what helps and what hurts. The following guidelines may not work for everyone as each person has their own unique body. It is important to know how your own body reacts to different foods and drink.

Water – GOOD! – water of course is fantastic for you and is crucial to keeping your voice healthy and lubricated. Water is also the safest bet because it doesnt contain caffeine or chemicals that dry out your voice. Make sure you drink the right amount of water for you body. I recently downloaded and app that tracks my water intake because I never seem to be able to stay on top of it myself.

Water – BAD! – Have you ever had an audition or performance and been drinking a ton of water right before only to feel dryer than when you weren’t drinking. The fact is water is great for you but it can dry you out if you drink it immediately before sing because it washes away that natural health saliva in your mouth.

Apple Juice/Chewing gum – this is usually a good solution to the problem above. Your voice feels dry but you dont want to wash away your saliva. Try chewing gum that contains sugar as it will produce more saliva. also apple juice and a few other fruit juices match approximately the same ph level of your saliva which can help significantly more than water. Always try this before you have a crucial audition/performance keep in mind everyone is different and you want to know how your own body reacts.

Alcohol – BAD! – just dont do it. Alcohol is super hard on you voice especially right before singing. It is best to avoid it the same way you would smoking but it is crucial to avoid it the day of.

Milk – Bad – Milk and dairy products produce thick saliva in your throat and can make it very difficult to sing well. This applies to most everyone but I do know a few singers who could drink a glass with no problem. Again try all of these for yourself as everyone is different.

Acidic foods/drinks – bad – Laryngologist claim that the number on ailment they see in singers is acid reflux. Basically acid comes up your throat and sits near your vocal cords. This is horrible for your voice and can ruin a career. Avoid acidic foods, dont eat late, and if necessary get medical helps as its very treatable.

coffee – bad – Coffee is a strong diuretic which means it pulls moisture out of the body. The caffeine levels in coffee pull lubrication off or your vocal cords and leaves them dry and vulnerable.

tea – bad – This may surprise people and I probably just offended a ton of people who swear by hot tea, honey and lemon. Sorry typically tea is just as bad as coffee because it is a diuretic. It will dry out your vocal cords. Try have just warm water with honey and lemon and you will probably get better results.