Voice Lessons and the Wrong Teacher

Voice lessons are one of the most difficult lessons to find the right teacher for. Voice seems to have the most variety of techniques and methods than any other instrument and the variety of styles makes it hard to find the right teacher. There are a few important questions to ask yourself if you are looking for a new teacher or trying to decide if you current teacher is the best choice for you.

I like this person? – Maybe this seems petty but a personal connection to your teacher is actually very important. You are putting your voice into their hands make sure you are with someone you trust and connect with.

Do I understand what they are saying? – People communicate differently you can have the best teacher in the world but they still may not be the best teacher for you. Find someone who when they explain something it makes perfect sense to you if you feel confused or answers seem vague try someone else.

Do they seem excited to teach me? – This isn’t absolutely necessary in voice lessons but it certainly helps to work with someone who appears to want to work with you. This can be very motivating and keeps lessons from growing stagnant.

Do I feel Challenged? – If you do not feel like you are learning anything new or have constant things to be working on you may have outgrown your teacher. You will reach a point in voice lessons with almost every teacher where it is time to move on to the next level. Try discussing this with your teacher a good teacher will have your best interest at heart and can guide you in your decision.