Voice Lessons and the Right Teacher

We have been looking at how difficult it is to find the right teacher for voice lessons. In my last post we took a look at some indications that you might be with the wrong teacher. Today I am looking at a few things that indicated if you are with the right teacher for you voice lessons

My teacher focuses on technique. – A good teacher is going to prioritize technique over learning songs. Make sure that at least 50% of your voice lessons are dedicated to technique.

My teacher wants whats best for me. – A good teacher is going to be dedicated to doing whats best for the student. Look for a teacher who gives free trial lessons and recommends that you try several different teachers.

My teacher is honest. – Honesty is a hard one for many voice teachers. It is much easier just to take the students money and have easy lessons than focusing on their improvement and telling them honestly where they are at and what their potential is.

My teacher is improving themselves. – The best teachers are also performers themselves. If your teacher is performing and learning themselves they will be most able to help you in your lessons adn career.

My teacher provides opportunities for me. – Even if you are not trying to be a professional singer you teacher should be providing outlets for you to perform if you want to. Recitals may be a good option or they should be keeping you aware of auditions going on in your area.

My teacher plays piano. – This isn’t a deal breaker but it is important to find a teacher in voice lessons who is also a musician. You are more likely to find a good teacher if they play piano. It is a good indication that they know music and can teach you to read it as well.