Violin Lessons in Santa Clarita

Taking violin lessons or learning another string instrument is extremely rewarding and also challenging as it helps to develop discipline, pitch, focus, and intelligence. Adults who take private violin lessons are believe to age better and keep their brains young. Children who learn to play violin are shown to get better grades and test better in school.


Contact our string teachers to the right so that you can:

  • Learn to play that song you’ve always loved
  • Boost brain power
  • Get better at math, science, and engineering
  • Be a part of our fun recitals to showcase skills
  • Increase coordination
  • Build confidence

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About the Violin Lessons and Other String Instruments

String instruments are often considered the most beautiful instruments in the modern orchestra and are highly versatile. Taking violin lessons or learning another string instrument is extremely rewarding and also challenging as it helps to develop discipline, pitch, focus, and intelligence.

String teachers can provide instruction in the four primary string instruments consisting of  the violin, viola, cello and double bass.  These stringed instruments differ from guitar in that they are played by using a bow across the strings as opposed to using your fingers to press or strum the strings.

String instruments can be enjoyed by all ages with violin lessons being the most popular choice. Very young children can purchase or rent instrument that come in age appropriate sizes.

Strings are also a vetake violin lessonsry practical instrument as school orchestras, bands, or community groups are constantly looking for skilled players. In fact the violin is
the most highly sought after instrument on the professional level.  Contact our highly qualified teacher to get more information or to start lessons.

Violin and String Instruments Fun Facts

While playing the violin you burn 170 calories an hour!

Violinists are able to use both sides of the brain better than most non-violinists

Strings are one of the best kinds of instruments you can learn to develop great ears and an excellent sense of pitch. They are capable of playing chromatic as well as semitones requiring the player to have an excellent ear.

Violins are usually made of spruce and maple.

People rub Rosin on their violin bows to help create more sound.

Frequently asked questions about Violin lessons:

Do I need to have my own Violin? 

It is not imperative that you have a violin at your first violin lesson but you will need to buy or rent one soon after. Regular practice is crucial to learning an instrument or you will not be successful. So you need to have a violin that you practice on every day.

How often do I have to practice?

Practice is absolutely crucial to learning an instrument. If you can not practice every day try to get at least 5 days in a week and you will still see progress.

I am an adult, can I still learn violin?

You are never too old to learn something new! in fact many people believe that studying an instrument helps to slow the aging process and keep your brain young.

Should parents sit in on their child’s violin lessons?

This is something you can discuss with your teacher. Every child learns differently and some benefit from having the parents present while others don’t. If you are unsure talk to your teacher and they will give you guidance. If you feel uncomfortable leaving your child alone especially for the first few lessons you are always welcome to observe.

What do I need to get started in violin lessons?

Well besides the obvious answer of a violin you will need a few items. A case is crucial to keep your instrument safe. Rosin is made of tree sap and is applied at the bow to help create sound. A shoulder rest is recommend to make playing easier and more comfortable. You should get a music stand to place the music on. Your teacher may recommend buying music books or other items they will discuss with you at lessons.

Will there be performance opportunities?

Yes, we highly encourage students to be performing as actively as they would like. We offer to recitals a year and will help connect students to other outlet and any upcoming auditions if they want to perform more.

More Information about Violin Lessons

How to select the right Violin Teacherviolin scroll

Picking a violin teacher is the first and most important step for beginning violin
or string lessons. You teacher will guide you on your journey and help you reach as many goals as you can. Try to find a teacher who you enjoy, who pushes you and who is easy to understand. At Green Room Music Studios we often recommend that you try several teachers before you decide. Many teachers offer introductory free lessons or you may ask if you can observe a lesson.

Watch for a teacher who demonstrates that they care about you are your progress. Most people become violin teachers because they truly want to help student grow and love music. But occasionally  you will come across teachers who see students as little more than a paycheck. Observe lessons, try lessons, ask questions and if things are not clicking between you and your teacher feel free to try someone else.

Lessons should be fun! If you are avoiding going to lessons and stalling before practicing something is wrong. You should always look forward to your violin lessons and be excited to go in each week. If you are bored or unenthusiastic try a new teacher before you give up. Often if you find your self unmotivated its not that violin is not the instrument for you. It might just mean you have not found the right teacher.

Typical Violin Lessonbeautiful violin

Although every teacher will have a different philosophy or approach to teaching there is a pretty set standard for violin lessons. Violin and strings are incredibly difficult to play because they require a good ear and fine tuning. This makes for an incredible disciplined and focused student. A lot of your lesson time will be spent making sure your music is in tune. Many students will have a tendency either to play sharp (slightly higher than the exact note) or flat (slightly lower than the exact note) so be prepared to listen and really self evaluate.

Most teachers will have student learn scales (a pattern or series of notes) on the violin. This is helpful for understanding music theory, reading music, building flexibility and dexterity as well as overall musicianship. Scales are very important and although sometimes they seem laborious they are training you to progress faster, better, and be an overall stronger musician.

From the very first lesson you should begin working on songs. Even if its something simple like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, learning music is crucial for a violinist and  you should be progressing into harder music in no time. Be prepared to spend practice time working both scales and music.

A good violin teacher will give you a chance to showcase your skill if you would like. Although we never force anyone to play in your bi-annual recitals we strongly encourage you to do so. Play in recitals helps you learn how to perform and deal with any stage freight you may have. We do our best to always provide you with a safe and encouraging environment.