Tips On Where To Buy A Piano

One of the most obvious and common places to purchase a piano is directly from a dealer like Steinway. Dealers usually have a large inventory of largely new pianos and some used ones. The benefit of purchasing from a deal is that you are sure to get a quality instrument and many dealers allow for payment plans, financing, warranties, complementary transportation and tuning as well as other perks. The downside to dealers is that you know you will be paying a lot for your instrument. This is the lowest risk and easiest way to purchase a piano. You can also purchase a piano from a private seller. The benefits of buying your piano from an individual is that you usually pay way less for the instrument. A lot of people who sell pianos often have no idea how much they are really worth and you can save a lot of money if you do your research. Private sellers also tend to know the whole history of the piano and how well it has been maintained. The down side of a private seller is that moving costs are usually entirely dependent on the purchaser. There is also no guarantees or warrantees with a private seller. You can find private sellers from a variety sources but one of the most common places would be craigslist or there are a large number of websites that exist strictly to help people find and sell pianos. This can be a great resource to find a fantastic deal but you may have to be very patient and see a large number of pianos before you find the right one for you. Another source that is often over looked are local schools and churches. I often recommend getting the phone numbers of churches in the area and calling to see if they have any pianos. With changes in churches over the last decade pianos are being used less and less. Many churches have instruments just laying around taking up space. This can be a great way to get a piano for very cheap and many churches are just thrilled to get the extra room back. Consider renting a piano. There are a large number of dealers and music stores that allow you the option to rent an instrument. The price of renting is dependent on the quality of piano you are looking to get. There is typically a deposit you need to pay and then a monthly rate. This can allow you to have a quality instrument if you are undecided if you want to stick with piano for a long time. You can also try an instrument and get rid of it easily if it is not right for you or if you want different one. A lot of places give you the option to purchase at the end of the renting period so you can keep the piano if you decide you want to keep it.


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