The Best Apps For Identifying Notes of the Staff

When teaching children piano one of the most difficult things to teach is learning the note names on the staff.  I have also found this to be an extreme area of weekness in students who come to me from other teachers.  They can tell me all the dynamic markings, note values, but when asked to identify a note they stumble over the answer.  This will slow down the speed at which they progress dramatically as it is one of the most essential skills for a young pianist.  When I first began to teach piano I would give the students flashcards to work on at home which would work very well if the students would actually do it.  Unfortunately this method is a little too boring for most kids these days and I find that very few of them will actually commit to it.  With all the advances in technology and most kids having access to or their own personal  iphone or ipad I have tried a new route which I find works significantly better.  There are apps available that turn note identification skills into a game. This is much more beneficial for students then flashcards because they will actually enjoy these and you don’t have the hassle of dozens of flashcards. I have done some research and found the following apps which may benefit your children very much and speed up the rate at which they progress on the piano. 

  Flash Note Derby

The game costs $0.99 and focuses on note identification.  It is played in the style of a horse race where the player’s horse moves towards the finish line with each note identified.  Great app!!!!!!

 Piano Dust Buster

The game is free.  However, it is directed more at identifying the notes on the keyboard but also helps with note identification on the staff.  You play the game by making a little old lady hit the keys with a mop which is a super cute idea. Terrific app if you are looking for something free.

 Do Re Memory

The game costs $0.99 and is simple to use.  This app is highly effective however it is not necessarily is fun or engaging as the apps that turn note identification into a game.

 Pluto Learns Piano

This game is free and is also one of the highest user rated games that I have been able to find.  The game is very entertaining and makes learning notes a lot of fun.

 Doo dah

This game is also free and appears to be the best app for really young students.


 Piano Monkey

The game is $0.99 and is probably  the closest match you will find to using actual flashcards but the monkey makes it just a little more fun.


These are just a few of the apps I could find if you want more apps or apps that focus on a different aspect of piano education I would try the website I found it very useful


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