Tap Dance Lessons

 Erin Cholakian

Phone – Text or Call (661) 212-022

Website – erincholakian.com

Email – [email protected]

Rates – $55 a month per person for group classes of 4 or more, $35 an hour for private lessons, $50 an hour for private lessons split with two students.

Erin Cholakian is the tap dance teacher in Residence at Green Room Music Studios. She is first and foremost an excellent option for anyone looking for tap dance lessons but she also is 

Erin Tap teacheran actress, singer, dancer, director, choreographer, and teacher. She’s currently a Theatre Arts Major at the College of the Canyons and an actress with JKA Talent Agency. Erin has been dancing since the age of 4 and has gone on to choreograph many Musical Theatre shows including, Once Upon A Mattress and Cinderella: The Pantomime at The Canyon Theatre Guild, and Jesus Christ Superstar at The Repertory East Playhouse. She specifically specializes in Tap Dance and started teaching when she was just tap shoes19 years old.

When teaching, Erin specifically tries to focus on vocabulary and the dimensions of the form.  She tries to play toward all learning styles so all her students can achieve
proficient fast results. When casting shows most choreographers teach using vocabulary. Erins focus on vocabulary makes students incredibly successful in Musical Theatre auditions.  Her students find that they have progressed with her style then they do with any other and have had nothing but positive reviews and praise for Erin’s tap dance lessons.

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Tap dancing lessons have some amazing benefits besides just being an incredible amount of fun. It is an excellent form of exercise, burns an astonishing amount of calories, teaches you how to move and hold you body, and tap is a very beneficial form of dance for aspiring musical theater performers as well. It is a great choice for beginning dancers because you can see results quickly and you can earn some useful tap basics from the very first lesson.