Why Take Private Violin Lessons

private violin lessonsI may get in trouble for this post but lets take a moment and evaluate why we do anything. When it boils down to it our choices come down to one simple question… “Will this make my life better?” Any choice we make is based on that regardless of if we actually ask ourselves that question out loud. Why do we exercise, eat right, eat wrong, get married, choose a career? anything…. the answer is we make a decision we believe will make our life better. So we take private violin lessons? The answer – it will make your life better.

Private Violin Lessons Make You Smarter

I am not just making this stuff up. Search the internet for articles if you doubt me but science and research have proved time and time again that taking private violin lessons does actually make you smarter. Being smarter improves your grades. Better grades means better chances of getting into a good college. Going to a better college means a better chance of a more lucrative fun career. A more lucrative and loved career helps your odds of marrying better which in turn leads to more attractive kids….. ok… you get the idea. Maybe I am making some strong arguments but the truth remains that training your brain does help your odds of having a better and more successful like. So, take private violin lessons 🙂

You gain a very attractive and enviable skill

Here I go again saying something that will get me in trouble. However, the fact remains that humans often learn new skills simply to look impressive to other people. I wish I spoke four languages not because I will ever use them but because of how much I wish I could tell other people I spoke for languages. If you are being completely honest you will admit somewhere in your life you learned something just to be impressive. Being able to play an instrument is one of the most desirable/enviable skills. Being able to play a difficult and beautiful instrument like the violin is even more so.

You show your love of the arts

There is something so energizing about being a patron of the arts. People throughout history have always placed  a great deal of value in the arts and every society has had an artistic outlet. Some of the smartest, most creative, and unique people in history of made their mark in the arts. You join a great ancestry of people when you become an artist and you join a family of sorts.


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