Some out of the box ideas for music teachers

As a music teacher I am constantly faced with the problem of how to keep lessons interesting and students engaged. It is often a good idea to try something new that will keep students excited about lessons. Its not always easy coming up with games or new ideas so I have searched the internet and pulled together a short list of new things to try and I thought I might as well share them with other music teachers


Musical Twister.

I really liked this idea especially if you are in a classroom setting but it also would work with private lesson. The game twister is already design perfectly for this. Simply add music symbols with sharpie in the colored circles and play the game exactly as before.

out of box music ideas
try adding symbols to wister


musical carpet.

This is a bit more involved but is a huge hit in the classroom or music studio. Take a large carpet remnant. mine was about 5 feet by 8 feet but you can go much smaller. Draw a bass clef and a treble clef on it with sharpie or what ever you want to use. have students stand to the side of it then jump on the correct place after you call out a letter. Kids love it!!! (if you prefer you can even use tape to draw on the floor you already have)


Rhythm cups.

There is lots of information and techniques for music teachers using cups to teach rhythms. This is an interesting concept I am excited to try. It involves using cups to create rhythm patterns and to learn timing. Music teachers can also benefit from this because kids get very excited about the cups. They will be tapping them putting them to their heads and switching cups with their teachers. Could be a great tool for students that just cant seem to get rhythm.

music lessons cups
use cups to teach rhythms