Some common questions about learning the guitar

For many people learning to play the guitar can be a lifelong dream. However, this can be a scary dream to begin living out. There are often a lot of fears and questions when first picking up an instrument. Here are some of the most common questions and how we answer them.

How Quickly will I be able to play a song?

You should be able to play a basic song on the guitar after about three to five hours of practice. More advanced pieces will take years to master but you will see yourself playing songs weeks into study.

Do I need to have a guitar?

Yes. and no. You may want to try a lessons without investing in a guitar so your teacher can guide you into which kind would be best for you, but you will need to get one as soon as possible so you can practice and have successful lessons.

Am I too old to take lessons?


How much do I need to practice?

The amount you practice is between you and your teacher and based on your goals. You can make solid progress by practicing just fifteen minutes a day. The more you practice the faster you will progress and the more financial beneficial lessons will be.

Will my fingers hurt?

In the beginning playing the guitar will be a little uncomfortable because your fingers are not used to holding down the strings. Just take a break and come back to it later that day and you will find that goes away rather quickly.