Singing Lessons in Santa Clarita

Learning to sing is a fun and rewarding experience. Our singing teachers love teaching children through adults the skill of singing.

Contact our singing teachers to the right so that you can:

  • Learn to sing that song you’ve always loved
  • Discover more about the joy of singing lessons
  • Don’t be bashful of your singing voice
  • Be a part of our fun recitals to showcase skills
  • Build confidence

Our Singing Teachers

Kateland Cunningham Kateland Cunningham (661) 713-3329
Kateland Cunningham (661) 713-3329 Kateland is a great singing teacher who is passionate about sharing her love of music Full Profile
Sara Owinyo Sara Owinyo (208) 304-8048
Sara Owinyo (208) 304-8048 Sara has a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance from The Master’s College. Some of her recent projects include singing at Disneyland, recording at Capitol Records, and being a part of Josh Groban’s live studio choir for PBS. Full Profile
Frank Thomas Frank Thomas
Frank Thomas (818) 800-3377 Full Profile
Kayla Burnham Kayla Burnham (661) 755-7736
Kayla Burnham (661) 755-7736 Full Profile

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About Voice Lessons

While everyone has the ability to sing, very few people naturally sing correctly or naturally produce a beautiful sound. With voice lessons anyone can improve how their voice sounds.

Studying voice is an extremely personal experience as each persons voice is unique and individual to them. Although a voice can be altered and improved in sound it will always be a completely unique sound. Other instrument may sound the same or similar to each other but voice is the only instrument where each one is unique.

The voice is the only instrument that is completely portable as it goes everywhere you go and can be used whenever. Voice is also the only instrument that can be affected by your overall health and for this reason makes it one of the most challenging and rewarding instrument to study and teach.

Singing teachers focus on teaching their students proper breathing techniques, posture, and how to train their voice to produce the best sound they are capable of. Good singing instructors will incorporate regular exercises to help train muscles in their larynx to work at their best and stay healthy.

Singing is one of the most rewarding experiences we can have and their are innumerable benefits. Studies show that singing exercises our lungs, helps to relieve stress, boosts our immune systems, releases endorphins, stimulates circulation, and much more. Contact one of our teachers today to get more information or to schedule a lesson!

Voice Fun Facts

Whispering may actually make your vocal folds work harder and can be damaging to your voice if you do it for an extended period of time.

The normal anatomy of the human body includes both ‘false’ vocal folds and ‘true’ vocal folds.

Boys’ voices go through a major change, but most people do not realize that girls’ voice change as well as they get older.

Singing is good for your body as it releases endorphines that actually make you feel better than you did before you started singing.

Less than 2% of the population is tone deaf. Singing out of tune is different than being tone deaf and is usually a fixable problem.