Green Room Music Studio piano teachers and students

studio-taylor-2-682x1024This semester we are beginning a new opportunity. After teaching for over ten years I have decided to start training my students not just how to sing or play piano but how to become piano teachers as well. Some of the more advanced students at Green Room Music Studios will be looking to take on some students at a greatly discounted rate. They will be offering piano lessons at the studio location with the supervision of more advanced teachers.

The rate of the teachers will vary but the cost will be close to $10 or $15 per lesson. The reason for the low rate is simply the fact that they teachers will be high school students who do not have degrees or experience. This will require them to have to charge a much lower rate providing an excellent option for those who cannot afford piano teachers at the regular rate.

On of the other reasons for providing this opportunity is so that high school students looking to become music teachers can begin to explore teaching in a very direct and real way. Many people are naturally fantastic piano teachers but there are also many who may benefit greatly from knowing early that teaching is not for them. This program is an excellent way for many young students to learn if this a course they wish to pursue.


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