Beautiful New Acting and Dance Room Finished

We have been working continually to improve our new music studio location and make it as accommodating to our students as possible. We are loving our new space and the opportunities that it has opened up for our teachers and students. The first room we fully remodeled is perfect for piano lessons and features a beautiful new baby grand piano. This second room is a beautiful new room for acting and dance lessons.

Acting and Dance Room in Santa Clarita
Our Acting and Dance Room in Santa Clarita

This next room we undertook is very exciting –  It is a larger open space we will be using primarily for classes in acting and dance. Our acting teacher Jarod Scott runs the Jarod Scott actors workshop. He has been very active in Hollywood and is an excellent teacher. He currently offers group classes at Green Room Music Studios and does private coaching as well whether you want to learn more about acting or need help going out on auditions.

The room also offers in ceiling speakers and a green screen which opens up the options of the room to recording and video submissions for projects.

The space is also large enough to be used as a dance space and lessons are currently underway for dance classes in either ballet or tap. We have a beautiful padded laminate floor and long mirrors perfect for a dance space. Our tap teacher Erin Cholakian is available for private or group classes for beginning and intermediate teachers.

This room is also available for rent for casting, productions, or other uses. If you have any question or are interested in using the space send us an email at [email protected].