Piano Teachers and the Piano Adventures Series

I have taught piano for over ten years now and used a large variety of different books and teaching resources.  My all time favorite series without a doubt is the Piano Adventures books by Nancy and Randall Faber. I absolutely love these books! They work well for all ages and levels of students but I especially love their series for the youngest students.  The series for this age is called My first piano adventures and all of my youngest students have really excelled with these books.  They are designed for the very beginning students ages 6 and under and spend a good deal of time getting the students established before introducing the staff.  The students move at a pace slow enough not to overwhelm them but make enough progress to see exciting results.  I love that most of the songs are taken out of great literature by major composers.  One of my favorite moments is when a five year old makes a musical explanation of why they prefer Tchaikovsky to perhaps Haydn.  Students learn real music in a way they can understand and enjoy.  The other books for older kids are excellent to and seem to move at a great pace for all ages.  I often will start my adults on these books as well and find they enjoy them just as much as their younger peers.  Their Christmas books are also a hit as students find holiday favorites for their exact levels.  To all piano teachers I highly recommend giving this series a try and hope you find as much success with them as I have.  These books are really easy find in stores or online and are reasonably priced.


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