Piano Lessons and the importance of practice

piano lessons photo
Photo by MIKI Yoshihito (´・ω・)

I have often shared my thought about the importance of piano lesson and the value of practice. Recently though I have been faced with some aspects of practice people often do not think about. Parents often confess the difficulty of getting their children to practice and many times they give up and pull students out of lessons.

If the only value of practice was getting better at playing an instrument I might understand pulling their children out of lessons. Consider these other truths about practice that you might have not consider before allowing your child to drop piano lessons.

Children will Not Naturally practice on their own

Practice or any habitual practice that is not immediately appealing to children is a learned skill. Children learn diligence and practice in all aspects from their parents. If you give a child a toothbrush they are not going to brush their teeth every morning and evening on their own. The same is true with piano, practice must be encouraged by parents they same way they would encourage brushing their teeth or homework. Your child simply will not be self motivated to practice on their own. You must encourage them, remind them, reward them or perhaps even force them the way you would their homework.

Diligence learned in practice is perhaps one of the most importance life skills you can give a child

Children learn many valuable skills in piano lessons aside from just the ability to play piano. I firmly believe that diligence is the most important skill they will develop in their years of practice. Perhaps this is one of the reasons student in piano lessons are more successful in school, college and even life. They learn how to work hard even when they do not feel about it. Anything in life worth doing will be difficult to achieve. daily practice promotes this and transfers into every are of life from work, school, relationships, exercise, diet and anything else you can think of.