Piano lessons and Christmas break

Its that time of year again and things are getting crazy in preparation for the holiday. Piano lessons may seem like the lowest priority on your list but lets look at the holidays as a time to make the most out of your lessons.

What to do when traveling?

Honestly this is the biggest obstacle to over come as someone pursuing piano lessons. It can be almost impossible to practice when you are traveling or at a relative house.

Try downloading apps on your device that you can use to improve your musicianship or note reading. There are a lot of apps that can help you work on your rhythms and note recognition many of which are free. You may not come back to piano lessons with all your songs memorized but you can impress your teacher with how quickly youve learned to recognize notes.

piano keyboard



You can even buy travel roll up keyboards now that you can bring anywhere with you. They are not too expensive and they can help you not lose the progress youve made. Parents this is a great Christmas gift if your child really love piano but you travel a lot.


When you guests

Guests can make it very hard to practice as you dont want to be a nuisance or you may be embarassed to play when people listen. Try practicing on a keyboard with headphones, a travel keyboard, at a church/school where they allowed it, or maybe even at a friends house if they dont mind. This is also a good time to practice those apps we talked about or invest in a good set of flashcards.

Buy your child gifts to encourage their piano lessons

If you ask your teacher I am sure they would be willing to suggest some fun piano books you could buy your kids. this is a great way to help show your kid that piano lessons are important to them. You might even splurge and buy them a new or new to you piano to practice on. I have always found that children with a nicer instrument seem to stay in lessons and stay motivated longer.