Out of the box ideas for music teachers

So my last post was about some games music teachers can employ when things are getting a little stagnant or students just arent getting a concept. I decided this week to continue in my quest for new tools because I found so much useful information out there. Here is what I am going to try this week.

Egg intervals.

Use an old egg carton and in the bottom of each egg cup write A – G. You will have duplicates and that ok. Place two small balls or candies inside and close the carton. Shake it and open it. Have the student name the interval that the two create and have them sing or play it. If you use candies you can also use them as a reward.

Music rocks.

Take some small rocks and paint music symbols on them with paint. This can be done in class or at home. Once the paint is dry you can do all sorts of things with the rocks such as a matching game, placing them in order, place them on a staff youve drawn on a piece of paper, really anything you can think of.



Music dice. You can find pattern and instructions online

music-rocks-music-theory-for-kids-3about how to make your own treble clef and bass clef dice. Roll the dice and have your students identify the note and play it on their instrument.

spell a word games.

Try and find a few small objects(I like the idea of using small toy animals) that must fit on a single music key. Have a separate pile of words that can be spelled using just A-G. Pull out a card and have your student place the object on the letters spelling the word. See how many cards the student can do correctly or see how quickly they can get through the whole pile. I am a huge fan of rewards so I would let the student have a sticker or candy if they can improve every week.

Honestly music teachers there is a huge amount of material and information available on the internet. Most of it is free, printable, or something you can do yourself. I suggest just typing music games into the search engine or you can look it up in pintrest. You will be amazed at what you can find out there.

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