Note reading help online for students in piano lessons

Lately I have been trying to find some new ways to help students in piano lessons learn to read notes on the staff faster.  It is very important that all piano students learn the letter names of all the notes on the staff.  The sooner they can learn them at sight the faster they will progress in lessons and get more out of their money.  Students taking piano lessons will also find a lot less frustration and lesson more rewarding if they are successful at note reading.  In the past I have used flashcards to get my students to develop their skill.  In recent years some excellent apps have been made available that are very successful buy may not be an option for those who do not have access to iphones or other devices.  The following is a list of some websites that could be found useful too many students who want an option a little more exciting than flashcards but who only have access to a computer.

Music is a very comprehensive website that has a lot of options available for students looking to learn many different aspects of music theory.  This may not be the best website for younger students as it feels a little more like work than a game but it will be very effective in improving skill. has games that you can download which will drill students in note recognition through games as well as ear training and drilling in note values. is an excellent sight for younger students that is terrific for seeing a note on the staff and then finding it on the keyboard.  The sight does tell you the note on the staff so it is not ideal for learning the note names on the staff. has a musical notes game that is excellent for transferring notes on the page into locating the corresponding keys on the piano.  It doesn’t so much drill in note name recognition but is excellent for developing speed in locating keys. is basically the idea of flashcards but it is all on the computer.  Very basic but also may not be the best choice for younger children looking for more of a game.

Music is an excellent website all around for almost any students.  There are quizzes and games for almost every aspect of piano lessons you will come across.

Piano Dedagogy Plus is a sight that requires flash to work but it is a little more challenging in that games are timed and points can be taken away for mistakes made.

There are many other excellent games and websites available all over the internet.  With any luck you can find a website that has exactly what you or your child are looking for. The above sites are a great place to start but there is a wealth of information available if you are willing to do a little searching.


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