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Learning dance is not only lots of fun but crucial for performers. If you are interested in musical theatre then dance is one of the most important things you can learn. Today it is crucial to be considered a triple threat and dance is huge for your success. Musical Theatre dance will help prepare you for a career, in addition you will learn:







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Musical Theatre Dance is extremely important to any performer and will open up opportunities. Musical Theatre is incredible high energy and is excellent not just for performers but for anyone wanting to get exercise and have lots of fun. You will learn dance vocabulary and learn how to memorize steps quickly.

Musical Theatre Dance Fun Facts

Dancers tend to be quick learners, focused, disciplined and high achievers.

Because of the high physical demands of dance many professional dancers will have retired by their mid-30s.

Research proves that dance relieves stress in both body and mind

Theatre and dance is full of superstition. You should never say “Good luck” before or during a show and Peacock feathers are said to curse a performance.