Musical Theater Night

Green Room presents several different performing opportunities throughout the year. Most notably our Musical Theater Night. At Musical Theater Night performers of all different levels and styles perform numbers from the great musical theater repertoire. Food is available at an additional cost. Children are welcome and all songs will be family friendly.

Come support Green Room Music Studios students, alumni, and friends, as they perform Musical Theater songs.

Pricing for Adults: $10

Pricing for Students: $5

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Musical Theater Night | Santa Clarita | Music LessonsPerformer Info

Who Can Sing? – Basically anyone who is serious about singing can sing. We have a variety of performers ranging from students to amateurs and professionals. This is not karaoke! We are looking to provide entertainment and an outlet for performers to practice their skills. You may be asked to send in a short recording of you singing which can be recorded from your mobile phone very easily. We are not looking for a professional recording we just want to get a basic idea of how you sound. To sing at upcoming performances or for more info email [email protected]

Accompanist – We will provide an accompanist for you to sing with. Please email a copy of your sheet music in the correct key to [email protected] so the accompanist will have a chance to look at it before you sing. We will not have time for a rehearsal before you sing unless you want to try to schedule a time to work with the accompanist on your own.

Musical Theater Night Duet | Santa ClaritaWhat to Wear – Feel free to dress however you want. You can dress it up a little, wear your normal street clothes or even try to dress in character. Have fun with it!

Cost – Performers do not need to pay to attend the evening. However food is an additional cost and you will probably want food because they have excellent pizza. Dancing is $5 for performers and they are welcome to contribute to the cost of the accompanist.

Performance Order – This is not an open mic evening, all performers must notify stephanie at [email protected] before you can participate. We have a limited time so we need to know who is singing and we will have a set order for the evening due to peoples schedules and availability.

Family and Friends – Please encourage your family, friends, colleagues, mail man… really anyone to attend. In order for this event to continue we need to establish a solid fan base. Please invite anyone you think may enjoy an evening out. Tickets are relatively inexpensive so its a nice cheap date.