Musical Theater Class

We are introducing a new musical theater Class at Gervais School of Performing Gervais logoArts. There are classes available for children, teens, and adults. The goal of these classes is to learn the songs of famous musical theater numbers and set them to choreography. Most performers take voice lessons and dance separately and then struggle when they are asked to put the two together. Singing and dancing at the same time can be very difficult as it requires a lot of coordination and concentration. The musical theater class is designed to teach performers about three full length numbers each semester with a performance opportunity at the end of the class. With enough practice students should learn how to sing and dance at the same time in a comfortable and encouraging setting. The class is extremely beneficial for students wanting to pursue musical theater as a career or for those who simply want to enjoy singing and dancing. Voice technique and basic dance training are incorporated into each class to help build well-rounded highly trained students. I highly recommend any student of voice take this class. It will improve your abilities as a singer and prepare you for the professional world since so many singers need to be able to dance as well as they can sing. sign up now as limited spots are available.


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