Music Theater Awards

Gervais logoAnnouncing our first ever Music Theater Awards
The Music Theater Awards exist to help promote the arts in the greater Santa Clarita Area. The program is directed toward students ages 13-19, Students will perform two musical theater selections for a panel of judges to help improve their own performance ability and for the chance to win cash awards and other great prizes.
Auditions are by appointment only and will take place during November and December at the Gervais School of Performing Arts located at 28307 Newhall Ranch Road in Valencia. All interested students are encouraged to participate regardless of your experience or level of study. To sign up or for more information visit our website at or email [email protected]

What to expect in your audition

Required Repertoire
Singers will select two contrasting musical theater pieces to perform for the judges. Songs will be performed to tracks that can be brought in on CD or through mp3. You will sing all of your first selection and part of your second, although the judges may choose to hear the whole song

Any students ages 13-19 may participate as long as they are within driving distance of Santa Clarita. Parental approval is required for minors.

There is a $25 fee to participate which must be paid before you can perform.

Photo Release
By participating you are giving us your consent to use any pictures or video of your likeness for our website or other promotional materials.

Audition Procedure
Auditions will be held at the Gervais School of Performing Arts dance studio. Singers will be expected to arrive at least 10 minutes early, warmed-up, participation fee paid, paperwork filled out and ready to sing. There will be someone there to help you sign in and answer any questions you have. When it’s your turn the assistant will take your CD or MP3 in for you. You will enter the room and introduce yourself and the songs you are going to be performing. You will choose which song you wish to sing first and perform it in its entirety then sing part of your second song. The judges will be taking notes while you are singing so try not to be distracted or discouraged by them writing. They will be providing you with feedback via email later so you can better know what areas you could be approving on and what you are already doing well. You will receive a second email later if you are chosen as a winner.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the judges looking for?

Vocal ability- this is based on your age and how you have been able to excel based on other students who are in your age range.

Technique – Judges will be looking for a solid and healthy vocal technique that is consistent through the vocal range and demonstrates control.

Diction – You must be able to communicate the text clearly to the listener.

Accuracy – Are you performing with accurate rhythm and pitches indicated in the music? Interpretation is allowed and encourage but the performer must still remain honest to the original music.

Acting- Are you able to communicate effectively the idea that you want to portray to your audience. Can you interpret the emotional and thematic elements of the text with your facial expression, gestures and movement?

Intonation – Pitch accuracy throughout the performance is very important.

What can I win from participating?
There will be a cash award for the student in 1st place
Other prizes will include the option of free voice, piano, acting or dance lessons. The judges will be taking notes during your performance which will be sent to you by email after your audition. The intent is to show you what you are doing well and list some areas that could be improved on.

Where do I find music?
If you do not know where to get tracks for your songs iTunes is a good option. Simply search for your song name plus karaoke and hopefully you will find a track that works well for you. Simply burn it to a CD and bring it in or have it easily accessible on an iPhone or other music player.

What am I expected to wear?
The judges want to see that you are taking this seriously so it is highly recommended that you dress appropriately. A good guideline would be skirts or dresses for girls and slacks and a nice shirt for the guys.

What are contrasting pieces?
The judges want to see versatility in your vocal ability and in your acting. If you have a legit musical theater piece you may want to pair it with a song that requires a belt sound. You could do a modern piece and an early musical theater work or even a slow bad and an up tempo piece. Don’t over think this too much bring in two pieces that you can do well and that each show off a different aspect of you as a performer.


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