Music Lessons and the Parent

A lot of time parents are super excited about their children learning a new instrument and pursuing music lessons. With the benefits of music lessons for children this is a wonderful thing. However, parents don’t always think about the responsibility this bring on them nor do they think about how they can make the most of lessons. In know way am I discouraging lesson Im simply encouraging parents to think and develop an approach to lessons before they jump into it.

Practice. Student have to practice. If they don’t have time to practice and if you don’t have time to make sure they are practicing don’t even bother signing them up for music lessons.

Instruments. Students will need to have their own instrument to practice on at home. If money is an issue you may want to inquire into the price of owning or renting an instrument before you sign them up.

Teacher. You absolutely will need a teacher. There is almost no success rate of trying to teach yourself music lessons. Music is to intricate to teach it to yourself and their is no motivation for practice without regular lessons. Some teachers allow lessons every other week but students are much more successful if they meet every week.

Encouragement. There is almost always a time with every child where they want to quit lessons. Its simply the way it is. Music is hard and with all hard things most kids want to quit. Encourage them to stick with it not necessarily because it is important to learn an instrument but because kids need to learn how to stick with things even when they are hard.

Recitals. Recitals can be a terrific thing for kids who love to be the center of attention however with the time commitment and shy kids it may not always be the best choice for every family. Find a teacher who is right for you and if they have recitals determine ahead of time if your family will be participating.

location. I of course highly recommend lessons outside of the home. Children take it much more seriously in a professional setting with nice instruments. It also gives the teacher the luxury of having all of their teaching materials with them. In home lessons arent necessarily bad especially if you have other young children at home or if you only have one car. Figure out whats best for you and if you can handle it go to the teacher.

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piano teachers