Music lessons and some overlooked benefits

Lots of parents sign their kids up for music lessons or take lessons themselves and its easy to see some of the benefits that are more apparent. It is an excellent outlet for emotional expression, an enviable talent, great for brain function and simply a beautiful art form. There are however many benefits of music lessons that are overlooked and helpful to consider if debating lessons or just laking the motivation to practice.

Music lessons are great for developing some crucial life skills

Diligence – Many people today lack the ability to decide to pursue something and actually stick with it. Music lessons are fantastic for developing diligence. With weekly lessons and daily practice they are terrific especially for kids who have a hard time sticking to something. If your student wants to quit it may not be the best idea to let them drop out because it will teach them to work for things even when they are hard.

Left Brain right brain – Playing music is one of the rare activities that is actually using both the left and right side of your brain at the same time. You access your more creative or left brain when you are interpreting and feeling the music and you access the logical or right brain when you are processing the notes on the page. This is incredibly good for your brain and keeps it functioning at a high level.

Stress – Music lessons and the ability to play an instrument can do wonders for stress. Music is a teriffic outlet for emotions and frustration. So teach yourself or your child to deal with challenges in a healthy way by letting it out musically.