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Violin Lessons
Violin Lessons

We’re a online beginner violin shop that works to give more students the opportunity to learn music. Learning violin in school, my partner and I realized that it did not make sense to spend $20/month renting a violin when we could sell the same violin for $115. Not only that, we offer a six month free service plan, meaning that if anything breaks within the next six months, we will service the violin for free and only charge the nominal fee for parts. Our beginner violins are perfect, since they are made with solid wood, inlaid purfling (which creates cleaner sound), and is professionally setup by us.

We came to realize that we wanted to incorporate giving into our business. Using Tom’s model of giving one shoe for every pair they sold, we wanted to do the same for violins. What intrigued us was the number of kids that wanted to learn that could not learn due to financial hardships. So for the last 9 months, every five violins we sold, we gave away one. Our mission is to give a violin to every child willing to open their arms to learning the violin.

If you ever need tips on buying a violin, go to our website at or call us at 951-218-4853.”


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