more ways piano teachers can retain students

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In our last blog we looked at a few ways piano teachers can retain students. Here are a few more tips that can continue to help you with your student retention.

1. Have performances. A lot of piano teachers have a hard time finding the motivation to have regular recitals or performances but it is very helpful in ways you may not have thought of. Students especially parents of students love to watch their children perform and that can give them the extra incentive to keep paying for lessons each week. Find ways to have recitals or perform at other events this will give motivation to students who want to perform I highly suggest keeping them optional though many parents will be put off by too much additional time commitments.

2. Communicate. Be sure to keep regular communication with students as well as parents. Out of sight out of mind. Perhaps send out weekly or monthly email news letters or just set a little bit of time during the lesson to update parents on how their student is doing or tell them what you are working on.

3. Motivate. This is a hard one but discover what motivates your students. For many its something as simple as stickers for other you will have to search a little harder but spend the time for each student to find what keeps them going.

4. Survey. Many piano teachers overlook the idea of just getting direct feedback. Try having your clients fill out an anonymous survey of your teaching where they can list what you do well or what they feel you could work on. You might be very surprised at what just asking your clients may reveal about you.

5. Get to know your students. Most people want to feel like their teacher cares about them and sees them as more than a walking paycheck. Find out their interests, where they go to school, what sports they play and ask them about it weekly. Keep in mind that this is a relationship not just a lecture.