Kateland Cunningham

Cell Phone: 661-713-3329

Email[email protected]

Education: Masters of Music in Vocal Performance from San Francisco Conservatory of Music, Bachelors of Music in Vocal Performance from University of California Irvine


Monthly individual lesson packages:

Developing Artist I (4 Lesson package, 30 Minutes each) $240-all ages and skill levels

Developing Artist II (4 Lesson package, 1 Hour each) $480

-all ages and skill levels

Monthly Group lessons: Do you and your friends love to sing? Guess what! You can share 1 Hour lessons with up to 2 friends and save money by splitting the cost three ways!

Group lessons are fun and easy to schedule! (4 Lesson package, 1 Hour each) Regularly: $480
You + 1 friend = $240/ 4 lessons each

You + 2 friends = $160/ 4 lessons each

All Lesson Packages come with Tech Support: Text me anytime in between lessons when questions come up in your practice or you need clarification on your technique!
I offer Free 15 minute consultations, to ask any questions, or have a mini-trial coaching 

Payment: Venmo, PayPal, Cash App, Zelle accepted 


I am a voice teacher and artistry coach. I specialize in helping young artists learn faster in an ego free environment, and advanced artists solidify their technique and silence the inner critic to perform with confidence, get noticed, to build relationships that will pave the road for your career pursuits.

  1. Learn the tools to develop an individual practice routine that inspires and kick starts the creative process, unique to you! ( Meaning no more procrastinating, dragging your butt to practice, or begging your kids to practice )
  2. Have the confidence to make personal creative and artistic choices that captivate
  3. Develop vocabulary to communicate what you (or your kids) are feeling vocally.
  • The voice is an instrument we can only control with our minds and mindset; therefore, the language we use and the environment we study in determines how free we feel to express ourselves and reach full vocal potential.

The vocabulary we develop through our work will give you (or your children) a foundation to:

    • Establish and train with healthy technique
    • Be able to verbalize what you are feeling ( what does or does not feel good vocally & emotionally ) 
    • Save you time, emotional energy, money to develop your voice faster and save you from running any risk of vocal injury in your future pursuits.

My Philosophy:Success is a combination of:

  1. Who you are  ( Be and own your awesome self )
  2. What you know ( Have solid foundation in the tools/ the business of the trade )
  3. Who you know ( Have the skill set that helps you connect with the movers and shakers that can help you get a leg up on your dreams)

So Why only focus on the “what you know” in lessons?

Bio:I am a trained teaching artist with a passion in studying and training the musical brain. My teaching philosophy is a holistic combination of Stanislavski acting techniques- to access the creative subconscious- freeing the singers voice, Socratic principles, and healthy vocal technique.I primarily teach musical theater, pop and classical voice/opera, but have helped singers of other music genres find naturalness and ease in healthy vocal production.My years in the industry have taught me that healthy vocal technique and being a well trained musician are just the foundational cornerstones of a career in music. I deeply believe in, and advocate for, the intentional and intelligent artist, equipping all of my students with the confidence, tools, and training to make and trust their own artistic choices, both in shaping the music and in shaping their careers.