How We Work

Our music studio was started in order to provide space for professional teachers to teach music lessons in their own studio. Each teacher has their own studio policy, schedules students, sets their prices, and collects payments. Which means students can contact their music teacher directly with any questions or rescheduling.

To start your music lessons today, call one of our highly qualified teachers using the Teacher Directory. If you are a music teacher looking for a professional place to teach, call Stephanie at 661-313-4369 to get started.

Why take music lessons at SC Music Studio instead of the music stores?
Music Stores routinely hire young people who need the money or who don’t have a place to teach. They usually offer very low (almost minimum) wages for teachers and pocket the rest of the money you pay. So you end up paying the same amount as you would for a professional, but the store takes over half of it from the teacher. Obviously, this isn’t really a good deal for the teacher. As a result, music stores attract teachers who are generally not as good. And then, to make sure all instruments are taught there, most music teachers have to teach more then one instrument even if they don’t know the instrument very well. The result is that the teacher feels slighted and the student is taught by a mediocre teacher.

Our Music Studio attracts high quality teachers who want a professional space to teach music lessons in. They teach on their own schedules and the student can directly pay them. They pay us a small fee to rent the space for their private music lessons and that’s it. So the student gets high quality teaching in a beautiful studio with professionals.


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