How to Prepare the Day of an Audition

Auditioning is one of the more difficult processes that a singer has to go through on a regular basis.  Estabilishing your own audition routine can be a very helpful tool for a singer.  The following steps are just a few of the ways I approach the day of an audition. 

1.       Get plenty of Sleep

Sleeping is one of the most beneficial things you can do as a singer.  Singing is a very mental ability that requires a great deal of focus to do well.  If your body and mind are tired it will greatly affect your ability to control your voice.  In addition to the mental aspects of sleep deprivation the lack of sleep will also take a toll on singer physically.

2.       Drink lots of water especially the day before

Drinking water is one of the more obvious needs of a singer simply in that it keeps your voice lubricated and working efficiently.  Few people realize that simply drinking right before an audition is not going to do much to help.  In fact drinking right before you sing can have an almost negative affect as it will wash away a lot of the beneficial lubrication that is naturally already in your throat.  You need to drink a lot of water earlier so that it has time to get into your system.  I highly recommend drinking as much water as you reasonably can the day before.

3.       Exercise

Exercise or physical activity the day of an audition can be very helpful for most singers if it is done intelligently and in moderation.  Exercise helps to relieve stress which can be at a very high level before an audition and can hinder your performance.  An additional benefit is found in that exercise can actually help to warm up the body and help you produce a better sound.   

4.       Warm up

Ok this is an obvious one.  You clearly have to warm up the day of an audition just be sure that you are warming up intelligently.  A lot of singers tend to over warm up the day of an audition and go in to perform with a voice that already tired.  Be sure that you do not overdo it.  Also warm up smart. You may warm up your voice differently depending on what you are singing for your audition.  If you are singing a piece that pushes you in your higher range you may not want to push your low voice to much while warming up.

5.       Dress for the part

Put some thought into how you dress for an audition.  Keep in mind what the judges are looking for and/or what part you are going for.  If you are auditioning for something classical you might want to dress more professional whereas if you are auditioning for a cruise line you may decide to aim trendier.  Also be sure to put some time into looking your best.  Singing is psychological if you feel good about how you look you will most likely have more confidence and sing better.

6.       Develop your own routine

I highly recommend establishing your own routine the day of auditions.  This may include all of the steps above and some of your own.  You know yourself better than anyone else and can adjust best to your own needs and personality. Put some serious thought into how you are going to prepare and continue the steps that work best for you at each audition.  Auditioning can be a stressful  process think about adding in some routine that gets you excited to audition.


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