how to prepare for guitar lessons

Starting new lessons can be intimidating if you do not know what to expect. Here is a list of how to prepare for your first guitar lessons.

What to bring to guitar lessons

staff paper or notebook

If you know what you are looking for try to bring some staff paper or a notebook of staff paper. This will make it easier to write down things your teacher tells you and see the music on the staff.


This is a good idea for any lesson especially if you are doing a longer lesson. A hydrated brain works better and its just a good idea to have a water in case you get thirsty.


In music we always use pencils and not pens just so its easier to correct the many mistakes that you will be making. Always be prepare to take notes and write down what you learn


Make sure to pay your teacher when payment is due for a lot of teachers guitar lessons are their livelihood please dont keep your teacher waiting for payment.


Its a good idea to bring a folder or three ring binder to your lessons. This will help keep your organized and make sure that you have everything you need with you very time you head off to guitar lessons.

Guitar Tuner

Your teacher may already have a guitar tuner of their own that you will use in lessons but it is a good idea to have your own just in case and to learn how to use it. No one wants to hear an out of tune guitar, especially your teacher.