How To Choose A Music Teacher Part 2

music photoLooking for a music teacher can be complicated, but we’ve got some helpful hints to make it easier!

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Think about your budget

When budgeting for music lessons, you should be prepared to spend in the range of $20 – $50 for a half hour for beginning to intermediate music lessons. If you’re looking for beginning lessons in an instrument, it’s possible to go a little cheaper. But even as a beginner, teachers that are more expensive (more experienced with more education) will often allow you to progress much faster than those less experienced.

If you’re looking for advanced teachers, prices can go $200 and up for an hour. Often teachers that are more expensive will allow you to take lessons every other week or even once a month.

Try a few teachers

There is nothing wrong or unusual with trying out a few different teachers. Trying out a few different teachers can give you a better sense of what you like in a teacher. As a teacher myself, I’d rather make sure the student finds a teacher they connect with, even if it’s not me; the learning experience will be better for both the student and the teacher!

Ultimately, teachers are here to help you learn the love of music!

Don’t get stuck

As you progress, you might find that a teacher that was a fantastic fit for you in the beginning, is no longer quite right. Much like moving to a new teacher in school, you can outgrow a music teacher. Sometimes it’s because your goals change with regard to music; sometimes it’s because you’ve learned all you can learn from them. If you’re still clearly progressing, there’s no reason to switch teachers. In fact, a good teacher will let you know if it’s time for you to move on.

About Voice Lessons – Specifically

As a voice teacher myself, my last tips are specifically about finding voice teachers. First, make sure your voice teacher is giving your voice exercises. The voice is built of different muscles. Just like lifting weights, your voice muscles need regular exercises to grow strong. If the only thing you’re doing with a voice teacher is singing songs, you’re wasting your time and money!

Second, watch out for teachers that want you to “belt”. Belting can be very harmful to your voice and can even cause you to get vocal nodes! While not all belting is harmful, if you’re trying to carry your chest voice high and your larynx is going up in your neck, you’re on your way to hurting your voice. Not sure if you’re doing it correctly? If your voice hurts or gets hoarse, stop immediately!

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