How to be successful in voice lessons

Voice lessons are one of the more unusual kind of musical lessons because they are so different in a variety of ways. The level of music reading and musicianship are often neglected in voice study because they are not crucial to sounding good so many teachers ignore them. Many voice lessons do not even require the student to learn to read music and many teachers are not well trained either often relying on cds and karaoke instead of learning how to accompany their own students. Because of the nature of voice lessons it is often easy to become complacent and not make very much progress. Here are some helpful tips for getting the most out of your lessons.

Ask questions

Too many students just follow a teacher blindly and feel afraid to ask questions. do not be afraid to do this as you will learn much more and if your teacher is not the best choice for you questions will make it more apparent faster.

Record your lessons

This used to be the hardest one for me as I hated listening to myself in my early study. However, when I really learned to objectively go back and listen to my recordings I learned so much more about my sound and had a useful tool to help me practice through the week


I know this is a hard one for anyone but voice lessons are a waste of money if you do not practice at least a few times a week. Practicing is more than just singing songs too. It needs to be focused on exercises and technique to truly improve. Do not overlook this or you are waisting your time.

Give Input in voice lessons

As a teacher a great deal of my students are shy about giving me feedback. Specifically on song choice this is a big issue. They will decline to give an opinion about if they like the song we are looking at. Teachers prefer to have your opinions and you will progress faster if you give honest feedback and opinions.

Learn some theory and musicianship

This is often overlooked by many teachers and I hate to say it but if this is your teacher you may want to reconsider your choice. Teachers who do not help to teach you about music often do so because they do not necessarily understand it themselves and therefore will typically be under qualified to teach. Take the time to learn to read music and understand the mechanics of it. It may not seem super exciting but you will not go far in the world of music if you dont have at least a basic understanding of it.