How piano teachers can best retain students

So many piano teachers are concerned with how to best get new students. As much as new clients are very important, many teachers over look the importance of keeping students they already have. Getting new students is pointless if you cannot keep them long term. Studies show that most students average about 2 years of lessons. There is something wrong if your students are not staying that long on average and you are having to work twice as hard to replace students you lose.

1. Get them into consistent practice. It seems now a days that people are busier than ever but if you cannot get your students practicing regularly they will see a decline in progress and you will probably lose that client. Keep in mind that little practice is better than no practice and find a way to keep them motivated.

2. Be on time. This is an obvious no brainer but students already go out of their way  with their time and money to take lessons. Do not make the mistake of frustrating them by being consistently late or rescheduling. This is a huge reason why piano teachers lose clients. Do not be later ever. Try being ten minutes early to lessons to give your self time if you are running behind or to prepare yourself for teaching if you are early.

3. Be encouraging. It use to be that piano teachers could motivate students by being tough, belittling, or dare I say even abusive. This does not work with todays generation. Students are better motivated by the right amount of being pushed and encouraged. Make sure that you have something positive in every lesson even if you have to dig really deep to find something.

4. Bring something new. It is very easy with a recurring student to get stuck in a rut. To be complacent doing what you always do in lessons. Try introducing a new concept, changing up the order of lessons or just doing something to break up a monotonous cycle.

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