How music teachers can avoid complacency

Teaching as we all know is a calling and a gift.  It may seem like an easy job but all music teachers know this is not true. Teaching takes a lot of energy, focus, training and experience. After teaching many years even good teachers can fall into a rut. It is extremely important to continue improving for teachers as well as students. Its far to easy to get stuck in a rut and not try to grow as a teacher. This is a tragic thing and its not fair to you or your students. Here are a few ideas to try and break out of the rut and refresh your teaching.

1. take some lessons. You will never reach the point where you can no longer use the help of a teacher. You have never arrived and you can always use some feedback on your own instrument. Dont be too proud to go out and learn from a teacher of your own. If money is an issue try to go once a month or even less. It will give at least some momentum to grow and refresh your teacher.

Read a book to fight complacancy

2. Read a book. Sometimes music teacher just get busy. There can be a lot to do especially since for many of us this is not necessarily our only job. Find some time to learn more about your skill or pedagogical techniques. Books may seem out dated but get a book that is specific to an area you can grow in and spend some serious time reading it. Im a huge fan of highlighting because I truly believe you absorb the information better.


3. watch some videos. As a voice teacher sometimes its difficult to read about voice techniques because a lot of technique is learned strictly through sight and sound. Looking up videos on pintrest or youtube can be super helpful to learn new techniques or just to keep up to date on what is current.

4. practice. This can be very over looked but sometimes music teachers just need to fall in love with music again. Spend some time learning a new song and rediscovering your own passion for music you wont be able to help but spread it on to your studets.