Our first Musical Theater Night was a huge Success!

For everyone who came out and attend our Musical Theater Night we would like to say a huge thank iconyou! The evening was so much fun and the attendance was way beyond what was expected. The food of course was excellent as it always is at Vincenzo’s. We plan to have monthly Musical Theater Nights usually on the third Wednesday of the month at 6:30pm.

Upcoming Musical Theater Nights

We have a couple more events on the books. The next night is going to be Wednesday, July 20th at 6:30. This will be followed by a Tuesday, August 16th. We have events in September, October, and November including a special Christmas dinner show on December, 16th at 6:30. Our Christmas show will be a higher ticket price but a better value as food will be included in the price of the ticket.

Musical Theater Night Tickets Sales

Musical Theater night is a great way for people to get performance experience but it is also a fundraiser for the studio. After paying the accompanist and the sound tech we aim to divide the rest of the raised fund into thirds. One portion going toward rent, the next toward studio and equipment upgrades and the rest ultimately into saving with the goal of doing larger and more extensive productions. Thank you for your patronage and keep in mind that in addition to ticket sales Vincenzo’s gives up 20% of all food and drink sales.

Musical Theater Night Performers

No one is getting paid to perform on our musical theater nights. As nice as that would be and however much we wish we could compensate everyone who shares the stage, we view it as a chance for students to gain some much needed experience. With theaters and venues closing all over the area it gets harder and harder for students and professionals to find a place to showcase their talents. We at Green Room Music Studios aim to find as many performing opportunities for our students and friends as possible. Performing regularly can help to keep performer sharp, try new techniques, over come stage fright and just stay on top of their game. We encourage anyone to try and sing, however, we do have to have some quality control of who gets in front of the mic. We are looking for singers who either have experience, training, or both. If you want to sing and are not sure if you are at the caliber you need to be check out one of our voice teachers.




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