Finding Time to Practice for Your Piano Lessons

Piano lessons are amazing! Regardless of if you are an adult learner or a child just starting out, piano lessons have huge benefits for you. With so many advantages it is surprising that so many people have a difficult time getting their practice time in. Practice time is crucial to get the full benefits out of your piano lessons. Here are a few tips to find the time to practice.

Make your Piano Lesson priority

Write down a list of things that get in the way of your practice time. It could be television, facebook, gaming, or any number of things. Put practicing your piano as high on your list as you can. Each day before you do something that should be a lower priority make sure you do your piano first. This is a really great process for kids and teaches them how to balance free time with priorities… a huge life skill for them.

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Choose quality over quantity

Many people get hung up on not having time to practice and so they avoid it entirely. You will have so much more success if you do not put too much stress on yourself. If you only have 5 minutes before you head to work use it. Small amounts of time add up quickly over the week and is much better than cramming a long practice section in right before your lesson.

If sitting down and practicing for a half hour seems like too much for you try and practice differently. Instead of practicing with a time frame try to practice with a new goal. You can try and do measure 1-15 until you get it right. Sometimes removing the time constraint and accomplishing a goal is much more motivating.

Get some fun apps

If you are on vacation or just too busy to get to a piano there are some amazing apps out there that can help you with note reading, drilling rhythms, or just gaining musicality. It may not be exactly w

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hat your teacher assigned but it may make your other practice more efficient, plus it can be really fun.




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