What to expect at your first violin lesson

First of all, Congratulations! you have decided to take the scary leap of faith and finally take violin lessons. Maybe you have dreamed of it your whole life and are just now taking the first step or maybe you woke up this morning and decided to learn something new. Whatever your motivation everyone at Green Room Music Studios is proud of you. Deciding to learn an instrument can be intimidating so lets tell you what to expect at your first lesson. Hopefully it will make it easier for you and calm any fears you may have.


If you have not met your teacher yet don’t be afraid to ask questions and treat them like a normal person. Taking violin lessons requires a relationship¬†between your and your teacher and you develop mutual trust and often friendship. Your teacher will probably ask you all kinds of questions about you and will truly want to know who you are. It helps them to be the best teacher they can be if they understand you, your schedule, your commitments and your goals. So be as honest as possible and never be afraid to address any concerns or ask any questions regardless of how silly you may feel they are.


Don’t panic! there wont be a placement test. Your teacher will want to know your level of skill even if you have never seen a piece of sheet music in your whole life. If you are an absolute beginner do not worry about it. Many teachers love beginners because they have never had a chance to get bad habits and they progress really quickly. If you are intermediate or advance the teacher will want to hear something you have played before to assess where you are at and how they can help you best.

Goal Setting

During your first violin lesson your teacher will discuss your goals with you. Decide ahead of time what you want to get out of lessons. The more honest you are with your teacher they more they can help you reach your goals. Are you learning just for fun? Do you want to be a performer? Are you hoping to join an orchestra?


You will learn something in your first lesson. If you are a beginner you will probably go over how to hold the violin or how crucial correct posture is. You may want to keep a notebook with you to write down anything that you have learned.


Ok, moment of absolute honestly. You learn to play violin during your practice time not your violin lessons. The lessons give you the tools you need but you will learn to play at home on your own time. Practice is necessary and crucial to learning how to play. If you do not have a ton of time to practice do not worry. Balancing a life, family, and career is challenging for anyone. Even if you only have five minutes a day prioritize getting in some practice no matter how short. You may not progress as quickly as someone practicing 45 minutes a day but you will get better.


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