Don’t stop taking music lessons over the summer!

music lessons photo
Photo by Mourner

Summer is swiftly approaching and many families will be going on vacation and trying to relax after a long school year. It is every tempting to stop music lessons over the summer when you don’t have the pace of school to keep you motivated. Stoping lessons completely is very detrimental to music students. Here are some reasons to stay in lessons over summer and some options of what you can do to get the most out of your break.


We all know music lessons can be very expensive and are a large investment not to be taken lightly. Stopping lessons over the summer will cause a student to forget a lot of what they have learned and back track. Students can easily lose about three months worth of lessons by taking a break that long. That is a very expensive break if you think about the three months its going to take to get back to where they were before you took time off.


Do not take time off during the summer if you can help it. It is no worth the money. If you have to go on vacation or take a break try doing lessons every other week. If you are out of town an extended period of time you can try to do skype lessons. If you have no other option at least continue practicing and perhaps ask your teacher for extra homework so that you can at least maintain your current level and not digress.

Lessons Times

If you take a break over the summer you can lose your lesson time. Many teachers have waiting lists and other students who would love to have your lesson time. Music lessons are the livelihood of many teacher and they cannot afford to keep your time slot open for three month. This means they may give it to else so when you are ready to start again you will not get your same time and possibly not find any time.


The best solution is simply not to take time off music lessons or if you do come as much as you possibly can. Ask your teacher if they can hold your spot. Some will hold it, others may hold it for a small weekly fee. Make sure you stay in communication with your teacher they are less likely to book someone in your spot if they are assured you are coming back


Summer can be one of the best times for serious music study. Most students have many hours a day available to them that they will not have once school starts up again. Instead of relaxing all summer try to increase your skill by practicing more.


Try make the most of your summer by increasing practice time. If you can afford it consider doubling the amount of lessons you take. Most teachers have more time available over the summer and would love to teach more. Think of the progress that can be made in three months of serious study. This will also help your child stay focused when school start up again and can make their transition back into school easier.