What is the difference between Classical and Acoustic Guitar Lessons

So you’ve finally decided that you want to take guitar lessons. Thats fantastic! congratulations on making that first step. So now you need to decide which type of Guitar Lessons is right for you. Its not an easy decision and its important to know the different types of guitar lessons available before you jump in. Here are a couple of the big differences between two value types of guitar lessons available…classical and acoustic. There are other types available but for now we will stick to these two.

How its made

One of the defining characteristics between classical and acoustic guitars is how they are made. Each has a unique size, and shape and is made of different materials. As a rule a classical guitar will have nylon string and a acoustic will have strings made of steel. It is important that they have the correct kind of string as the body of the classical guitar is not strong enough to maintain the strength of the steel strings and would most likely break. Classical guitars also tend to come in a standard size but the acoustic guitar is often made into a lot of different sizes. This can make the acoustic guitar a better choice for children as it is easier to find them in smaller sizes for their little fingers and arms.

How its played

One of the most obvious differences that people notice between the classical guitar and acoustic when they first start guitar lessons is that while they both have one hand opporating the neck the other hand plays the strings with the fingers in classical guitar and a plectrum/pick for acoustic. If you really want to save your fingers you may prefer the acoustic guitar.

How its used

The classical guitar tends to play classical music… obvious I know. But it is renowned for begin an extremely versatile and beautiful instrument excellent for solo players. The acoustic guitar plays a larger variety of styles but tends to be lost in a band our group. If you are a soloist you will probably learn toward classical guitar lessons whereas if you like to collaborate in a group consider acoustic guitar lessons.

Which is best?

The answer of course depends of your preferences. Do you like classical music? would you rather be a soloist? are you getting guitar lessons for a young child?… Here is the good news if you learn one and think maybe you didn’t choose the right style for you it is very easy to learn one after the other. Green Room Music Studios offers a variety of teachers who teach both styles of guitars. We recommend trying a few different styles and teachers before you decide. Take a look at our teachers and feel free to contact them with any questions you have.

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