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  • Learn music theory
  • Find out how music is created

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About the Composition

Composition is a very broad term and can be a little confusing. Students of competition can learn to take music in their head and make it become reality. You can learn to compose any style of music for any combination of musicians. Composition can also be extremely rewarding. Imagine hearing your song for the first time at a concert hall, in a movie or on the radio. Many composers have very successful careers composing music for movies and television.

Composition requires that you learn a lot of information and can be overwhelming. If you try to learn it all on your own it can be impossible. Try taking some lessons with our teacher to help you learn what you need to know to make the song in your head a reality.

Composition Fun Facts

Remember, Morse code had not been invented when Beethoven finished his Fifth Symphony in 1808. The opening motif was adopted during the Second World War due to its accidental resemblance to the Morse code for the letter ‘V’.

While TV, Film and other traditional composing jobs are overwhelming freelance, many video game companies hire full-time employees to compose their video game music.

Tchaikovsky wrote the ‘Pas de deux’ from the ‘Nutcracker’ ballet as a bet. He said he could write a piece whose main theme was a simple descending major scale. He did it and won.

The earliest known example of musical notation was dated to around 1,800 B.C, found on a clay tablet in Mesopotamia.

George Antheil George Antheil (July 8, 1900 – February 12, 1959) was an American avant-garde composer, pianist, author and inventor. A self-described “Bad Boy of Music”, his modernist compositions amazed and appalled listeners in Europe and the US during the 1920s with their cacophonous celebration of mechanical devices.