Comparison of in home piano lessons to in a studio – The studio

sheetMusic (1)In continuing to compare the differences between taking piano lessons in your own home or in a studio it’s good to really look at what advantages there are in going to a local music studio.

Music studios add a level of importance and professionalism to piano lessons. Lots of students find that lessons in a music studio are much more beneficial and therefore a better investment of their money simply for the fact that the professional setting is often very motivating.

Their are typically a lot less distractions at a music studio than the home. Piano lessons in a studio are free from pets, other children, parents, televisions, toys, or other distractions that can pull a students focus.

You will often find excellent pianos at a studio location. Most teachers or studios know the value of a good piano and will make the investment to have a good instrument there to work on. Which can also make the student look forward more to their lesson and the opportunity to play a more professional instrument.

Often teachers will be more productive at a studio location. Teachers driving from location to location often have a harder time at lesson because they have to factor in driving time to the next location and not being able to socialize or worry about being late to the next appointment. Studios allow for more parent teacher interaction.

Music studios often come with more music choices, copy machines and other items that can make the lesson easier, more productive and have more variety.



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