Comparison of in home piano lessons to in a studio – The Home

piano-pianoThere are some different options available to new students for the location of their piano lessons. Today you can do lessons over Skype, in a group class or more commonly in your own home or a studio location. The two most common options have some very strong arguments in favor of both. Before committing to a lesson format take some time and think through which option works best for you and your family.

In home lessons In home lessons have the benefit of being extremely convenient. Teachers will come to your home and teach directly out of your house. This saves you time driving to their location but can also allow them to teach a child while you can work or get things done at home.

In home lessons also have the benefit of eliminating the worry of students forgetting to bring their music or other important materials to their lesson.

Students also often feel more comfortable taking piano lessons in the home because it can be a very relaxed setting that they are used to.

One of the downsides of in home lessons is that it takes away the level of professionalism that a studio provides. A great studio location will often make students feel that their instrument is more important and impressive.

Their are also often a lot of distraction at in home piano lessons. These can very greatly but the most common distractions are other children, pets, television, and even parents. Make sure your home situation is suited to in home lessons where there is the opportunity for the student to concentrate.

Depending on the home the instrument available for piano lessons may not be ideal. Most studios will have a good piano to work with but instruments in peoples homes can very in quality and can greatly detract from the productivity of the student.



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