Cello Lessons

Cello is a large stringed instrument that creates a gorgeous mello sound. Perfect for solos or blending into an orchestra, the cello is an excellent choice of instrument. It is one of the instruments most people regret never having learned. Start cello lessons today to help you grow into a more creative and intelligent person. Cello helps with:


Relieves Stress

Ear Training



Scholastic Improvement

Arm Strength

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Jennifer Teague Jennifer Teague (512) 507-6360
Jennifer Teague (512) 507-6360 Jennifer offers cello lessons at our beautiful location in Santa Clarita Full Profile

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About the Cello

Cello is often regarded as the most beautiful instrument. It is a highly sought after member of the string family. Cello is perfect if you would like to learn an instrument that is not as common as the violin but is still in demand. Cellists also have the advantage of being used as an orchestra member as well as a soloist.

Cello Fun Facts

Originally named the violoncello the instruments name eventually became shortened to just cello

Cello has been used in much pop music including regular use in several Beatles songs

The top of a cello is called the scroll. However, it is not always found in a scroll shape some cellos even have the shape of an animal like a lion instead.

The plural form of cello is cellos or celli

Cellos come in many different size options

Cello was invented in the early 16th century