What to bring to my music lesson

lessonsIf you have never had a music lesson before and are just beginning to learn an instrument you may be in very scary and unfamiliar territory. Being prepare to your first lesson can help to make your experience much more rewarding and beneficial. Teachers require different materials based on their methods or the instrument but there are a few things that can be very helpful to bring to your lessons.

Pencil. This may seem obvious until you realize you do not have one. Musicians use pencils instead of pens as a general rule because they are constantly erasing markings and making corrections. Always have a pencil handy to notate music or write down notes.

Water. This is especially important for singers as their throats can become dry during lessons especially if they get nervous but it is a good thing for anyone to bring regardless of the instrument.

Notebook. Some teachers will require you upfront to have a notebook where they can write down weekly assignments. Notebooks are also very helpful just to write down anything useful you have learned each week.

hand sanitizer. This may just be me being paranoid about getting sick but I always use hand sanitizer after lessons especially if lessons are being taught on a shared instrument. Most students are children and they are extremely gifted at spreading germs. You dont want to have your hands all over a piano that is shared by 40 children without the protection of hand sanitizer after.

recording devise. I highly recommend and many teachers require bringing a recording devise to their lessons. It is an invaluable tool to many music students and can greatly help them to evaluate their own progress. The iphone comes with a recorder that is easy to use and the quality is good enough to be sufficient for most students.

Sheetmusic. If you have already had a music lesson before you will probably have some books or music that would be helpful to bring with you to a new teacher. This will give them something to work on with you and help them evaluate where your skill level is. If you do not have any dont worry about it your teacher will choose appropriate material with you.

Goals.Yes I know that this is not a tangible object but one of the best things you can do for a teacher is provide them an accurate description of what you want to get out of your lessons. Maybe you have a song you have always wanted to learn or maybe you want to become a professional musician. Whatever the case may be your teacher will be able to help you much more if you can clearly define what you are looking for.

Payment. Always be prepared to pay your teacher. Keep in mind that for most of them the money they make from lessons is their livelihood. Do not keep them waiting. Find out what form of payment they accept and if you need to stop by the bank for cash or checks leave time to do so.

Dress Appropriately. Make sure you dress comfortably in lose clothing. Sometimes you will have to move during lessons and you want to make sure that tight clothing will not be slowing you down. Lessons can be more effective too if you are comfortable. You do not want your apparel to be a distraction to your ability to learn.


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