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Brass instruments are often overlooked but can be incredibly rewarding and fun to play. They are an extremely important part of any orchestra and will always be in high demand.

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Our Trombone Teachers

Daniel Chandler Daniel Chandler (760) 953-7466
Daniel Chandler (760) 953-7466 Daniel Chandler has been playing trombone for 15 years. As a result of his musical background and teaching experiences with the Boy Scouts of America, Daniel is pursuing his California teaching credentials at The Master’s College. Full Profile

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About the Trombone

Like most brass instruments the trombone is incredibly fun to play and has a very full sound. Many students find the trombone to be very rewarding and fulfilling as it is often very sought after and provides a lot of performance opportunities. Trombone is not a commonly learned instrument which is nice because unlike some instrument there is a lot less competition.

The trombone is considered a brass instrument because it produces sound through lip vibration. Brass instruments are often made of brass or other metals but it is not a requirement to be listed as part of the brass category. Some brass instruments can be made of wood.

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Trombone Fun Facts

The trombone is a descendent of an earlier instrument called the sackbut.

Left handed people have a harder time playing the trombone as it is designed to be right hand dominant. If you are left handed you will have to learn to play the trombone with your right hand doing the majority of the detail work.

The noise you hear in Charlie Brown cartoons when the teacher is speaking is actually created by a trombone. Trombones can be manipulated to produce that sound by using a plunger mute in jazz which creates a sound similar to a human voice. to achieve the effect of a human voice speaking. ¬†Interestingly enough the difference between a plunger mute and an actual plunger is simply how and where they are used. Hopefully you won’t grab the wrong one on accident….ewww

The first recorded performance of a trombone was in 1468 at the wedding of the Duke of Burgundy

There are three common types of trombones the bass trombone, tenor trombone, and the alto trombone. They can also be made out of many different types of metals and materials.