Are music teachers really necessary for learning an instrument?

A lot of people would love to learn an instrument but do not want the hassle, cost or time commitment of hiring a teacher. I am often asked if it is really worth hiring music teachers or if you can teach yourself. The answer is an absolute, yes. You need to hire music teachers if you are going to learn an instrument and here is why.

1. Motivation – There is nothing more encouraging and motivating to practice and improvement than a weekly check in with your teacher.

2. Technique – You may be able to make strides in certain aspect of music study but music teachers are critical to teaching and correcting proper technique.

3. Songs – If you are teaching yourself it can be difficult or next to impossible to asses your skill level and determine what literature you should be attempting to play.

4. Correcting mistakes – When first learning an instrument you will make a ton of mistakes and that is ok but it takes an outside trained person to recognize the mistakes and help you take the steps toward correcting them.

5. Answers РMusic is complex and takes a lot of work. Otherwise every would play an instrument.  You will undoubtably have a lot of questions when first starting out and they can be tricky to find out or even difficult to put into words. It often takes music teachers to help us formulate questions before we can even begin to get the answers.

6. Encouragement – At some point in your study you will want quit. It always happens with almost eery student, the moments of discouragement and temptation to stop studying. It can take a quick pep talk from a teacher to help get you through the rough patches and keep going.