Music Lessons for Adults

Ever ask yourself if you’re too old for music lessons? The answer is absolutely NO!

Music lessons can be fun and rewarding at any age. All of our teachers have experience teaching music lessons to adults, and love helping someone else accomplish their dreams. Our lessons are low pressure, comfortable, easy, and fun. In fact, many adults find music lessons to be relaxing and stress relieving.

We are the only studio in the valley that caters directly to adult learners.

Most adult students actually progress much faster than children do, and, with a little work, they are playing music they used to only dream of playing.

So what are you waiting for? Do something for yourself and get some awesome results including:

  • Stress Relief
  • Creative Outlet
  • May Delay the Onset of Alzheimer’s
  • Keep You Mentally Sharp
  • Increase Dexterity in Finger, Wrists and Arms
  • Taking Time for Yourself
  • Self Esteem
  • Discipline
  • Can Help Reduce Arthritis
  • Developing Memory Skills
  • More Coordination

Some common concerns adult learners often have:

Many adult learners have a fear of failure. Children are used to trying new things and often do not even have a choice about starting music lessons. This is not true with adults. They have lived long enough to be aware of the difficulty involved in learning a new skill. Often this will prevent them from even trying. Adult learners can solve this problem by setting small goals and reasonable outcomes.

If your goal is to finish your first beginner book you will accomplish it in no time. This will be much more rewarding than setting a life-long goal like memorizing a difficult piece such as Fur Elise. View music as a journey instead of a destination. Set small goals and celebrate each achievement. You will find the experience much more rewarding and you will be accomplishing your long term goals before you know it.

Many adult learners are afraid of progressing slower than children. We have encountered a large number of adult students who do not want to be at a lower level than children. They are afraid of recitals because they will be playing easier songs than second graders. This is a common feeling among adults and is not completely invalid.

Keep in mind that whenever learning a new skill you will almost always have to start at the beginning. This is true of anything worth learning. If you want to learn to cook you will probably start with eggs and not Creme Brulee. Piano will be the same. You will start at the beginning and will be at a lower level than some children. The good news is that since you are fully mature it is more than likely you will progress much faster than the children and be better than them in no time.

The recital favorites are always the beginning adults! Now to be fair if you are very uncomfortable getting up and playing before people we will never force you. We encourage it but will never put you into a situation where you feel unsafe, embarrassed, or vulnerable. However, the favorite performers at the recital are not the little tiny kids who cannot put their feet on the floor. As cute as they are. The favorites are the beginning adults. People love to see their courage and often feel inspired by them. There is something so motivating and impressive about an adult willing to learn a new skill and share it with other. People do not judge it they love it! We get so many compliments about our adult learners performing people are always so impressed not by their level of skill but by the fact that they are willing to learn something new.

Many adult learners fear they cannot learn a new skill. Since Green Room Music Studios  began we have never encountered a student who cannot learn. The ability to learn is a skill that we all possess but that can get rusty. Learning an instrument will help your brain stay sharp and able to learn. You will find that by learning an instrument you can learn other skills more easily as well. The mind is a powerful thing don’t let is become dull from lack of use. The worst thing you can do to worsen your ability to learn is to stop learning all together.